My spring refresh

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Spring's sunshine and flowers always move me to do a refresh indoors. And since my family and I are in a new home, there's no better time than now.  

So far, I focused on my living room and den. Livening up both spaces with a few colorful pillows. If you're curious to see more, I captured my spring decorating in my Instagram stories here


From what I can see, many of you are focusing on your baths! Bathrooms are often the most neglected space in a home. But super soft towelsbath mats, and shower curtains can help make your space more inviting. 


I added our new light gray bath set to my space:

Speaking of baths, I've created a sample of our first bathrobe! I've made it available for preorder, I'd love your feedback on it! 


I hope you can take this time to make your space a bit cozier.


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