We are committed to producing beautiful home accessories of the highest quality. This would not be possible without the team of artisans we have enlisted as our partners. We work directly with weaving collectives and small woman-owned businesses in Ethiopia, providing fair wages and helping them grow their businesses and revitalize their local economies.

In Ethiopia weaving is a craft that has traditionally been performed by men and passed on from father to son, generation after generation. Each of the country’s regions has its own unique style of weaving, the textiles produced there varying in color, pattern and material. Many skilled weavers today come from southern Ethiopia, particularly in the Dorze and Konso regions. They often migrate to the capital city of Addis Ababa, where they form collectives, dividing labor and sharing profits. Many collectives expand to begin their own businesses and we are working with one such collective, which has demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship, passion and professionalism.

We are also proud to have partnered with weaving studios in Ethiopia that are owned and operated by women entrepreneurs. These successful women have fostered longstanding relationships with retailers abroad through a track record of excellence. They are models for today’s girls, who, with encouragement and guidance, will become vital contributors to every rung of Ethiopian society.