My recent trip to Ethiopia

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I visited Ethiopia in February, which now feels like a lifetime ago. It was my first trip back in a year, and as always, Addis is ever-changing. Luckily what never changes is the warmth of the people and the joy I feel when seeing family and friends.

As with every trip, I spent weekdays visiting with our production partners in Ethiopia, and weekends at home or visiting relatives. Below are some highlights from my trip.


The yarns on our cotton pillows are handspun.  Here the yarns are being prepped for weaving.  I took this and the next few photos friends over at Sabahar. 


A few yarns are hung to dry before and after dyeing.


 Cotton yarns are scoured and dyed in small pots for small batches.


Dyed yarns are washed several times during the fabrication process. 


Visiting our friends over at Shiro Meda.


Breathtaking view from Kebena House, an art gallery and coworking space near Shiro Meda.


Rush hour in Megenagna.  Most people in Addis wait on extremely long lines for public transportation during their daily commutes.


While grocery stores are growing in popularity, fruit stands like this one are the go-to place for produce.


I can't wait until we can all travel again soon.  Stay safe everyone, I look forward to connecting soon.




Ethiopia Process

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