Equity in Design

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The built environment upholds the values of society. It is time to reassess those values and address how is architecture and design implicit in systemic racism. 

Only 2% of licensed architects in the US are black, and only 6% of graduating designers and architects.   It is time to create a more diverse industry so we can build a more equitable future..

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    Examples of Proactive responses from the design industry:
    Race in the Workplace:
    • HBR - Is Your Company Actually Fighting Racism, or Just Talking About It?
    • NYT - Corporate America has failed black America 
    • HBR - How Organizations Can Support the Mental Health of Black Employees


    Additonal Resources:

    Architecture and Racial Inequity


    Going back to normal is no longer an option, because normal equals exclusion and injustice.  Let’s make sure our industry is on the right side of history and leading the change.


    - Hana