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As an Ethiopian-American, I started Bolé Road Textiles to be more connected to Ethiopia and to contribute to positive change in the country.  Since it is the season of giving, I thought it would be a great time to share more information on the organizations we contribute to starting with imagine1day.

imagine1day is a non-profit based in Canada and the US founded by Lululemon creator Chip Wilson and is wife Shannon.  The goal of imagine1day is that all Ethiopians will have access to quality education by 2030.  They do this through several programs, the program we contribute to specifically is the Girl Fund.

The Girl Fund's aim is to support the education of girls in rural Ethiopia.  It does this with three initiatives including:

    1. A scholarship program in northern Ethiopia
    2. A program to build latrines in southern Ethiopia
    3. Community training to create support education of girls

So far over 100 girls are in the scholarship program, latrines in two communities have been built and training completed in 103 communities.  Find out more about the initiatives here.  Specific facts and figures can be found in the 2014 year end report (the 2015 report will be coming out next month).

One great aspect about imagine1day is that since the administration of the organization is paid for by the Chip Wilson Foundation 100% of donation go towards the programs.

I am incredibly proud to support this organization, especially as an Ethiopian-American woman.  Contributing to imagine1day helps me to achieve my dream of working towards a brighter future for Ethiopia.  You can feel good that each purchase at Bolé Road Textiles supports imagine1day.


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