Road to Wollo

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In my Textile Journey post, I mentioned how much I enjoy taking road trips in Ethiopia. I thought I would share photos of my favorite sites, from the mountainous landscape to the historic architecture.

The most incredible part of our drive from Addis to Dessie, the capital of Wollo, was a short two hour window when we drove through a verdant blustery highland, where the temperature was a crisp 65 degrees, then quickly descended to an arid valley where the temperature peaked to a intense 95 degrees (before noon).  

One of my favorite spots in Dessie was the Palace and Dining Hall of Negus Mikael, the King of Wollo and founder of Dessie.   While the interior was empty and the exterior renovated in recent years, the simplicity of the of design and the weathered textures were beautiful. The most dramatic space was the prayer room of the King which had a rainbow colored ceiling fabricated from dyed straw and wood that was bent and bound with leather.

One thing that surprised me is how large and dense Dessie is, it’s a busy bustling city. However, off the main roads were some quiet vignettes.

The first few miles right outside Dessie towards Addis were some of the most scenic. There are winding roads through mountains and an unbelievable landscape. It reminded me of the drive across the Nile Valley gorge in western Ethiopia, it’s not quite as dramatic, but stunning none the less. There was also an interesting mix of semiarid climate flora and fauna. I saw the largest cactus I’d ever laid eyes on!

Part of my goal with starting Bolé Road Textiles is to share the culture, heritage and history of Ethiopia, not only through our products but through our blog and social media as well. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of this corner of Africa!




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