New Collection - Behind the Scenes

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I had such an incredible time in Ethiopia collaborating with our artisans, I can’t wait to launch our new collection in just over a week. I put together a few of my favorite photos of our textiles as they were being woven on the looms. Nothing can top the experience of being there in person to see the designs being created. I get a greater appreciation of what I’m asking my artisans to accomplish and we can work out any tweaks or modifications without a hitch. Take a look!


This collection was quite an undertaking since our designs included lots of embroidered pieces and complicated patterns found in traditional Ethiopian textiles. But I am so grateful to our artisans and incredibly happy with how all the textiles have turned out. I hope you guys will be too!!



P.S. I’ve updated our Events page with our pop-up locations for the holidays! Be sure to stop by!


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