Hamar Pillow - Fuchsia
Hamar Pillow - Fuchsia
Hamar Pillow - Fuchsia
$ 175.00

Hamar Pillow - Fuchsia


In my most recent journey to the Omo Valley I was struck by the bold fashions of the people there Their use of intricate adornments are both statements of tribal affiliation and their own unique individuality. This pattern, which makes its debut in our spring collection, is inspired by the beadwork worn by the people in of the Hamar tribe. Vibrant,  and modern, it can transform a space with its, lively presence.

- Handwoven in Ethiopia
- 18”x18”
- Light pink, fuchsia
- 50% Polyester, 50% acrylic
- 100% Cotton lining
- Lush feather / down insert included
- *Reversible, pattern on front and back