Dassanech Pillow - Cerulean
Dassanech Pillow - Cerulean
Dassanech Pillow - Cerulean
$ 175.00

Dassanech Pillow - Cerulean


The Dassanech pillow is a high-contrast accent with an enticing motif. Vivid hues are rendered in bold stripes, pairing modern design sensibility with traditional Ethiopian textile weaving. Named after the Dassanech tribe in the Omo Valley, this bold pillow can stylishly complete a room that needs a touch of something special. 

- Handwoven in Ethiopia
- 18”x18”
- Blue, black
- 50% Polyester, 50% acrylic
- 100% Cotton lining
- Lush feather / down insert included
- *Reversible, pattern on front and back