Omo Valley Collection

Omo Valley Collection
It is impossible to fully grasp the cultural and natural diversity of Ethiopia until you have made the journey to the Omo Valley.  The road to this southernmost region is long and arduous, but once you have arrived it is to a place unbound by time.  The landscapes and tribal communities of farmers and nomads seem at once ancient and enduring.

In my most recent journey to the Omo Valley I was struck by the bold fashions of the people there.  Their use of intricate, colorful adornments and accessories—from body paint and flowers to shells, beads and barrettes—are both statements of tribal affiliation and their own unique individuality.  As more western goods have found their way to the region in recent years, the traditional fashions and flourishes have begun to take a different shape.  The result is a gorgeous mélange of old and new.

I could not visit every crevice and village of the Valley, but where I could not go I found inspiration in the work of Spanish photographer Alex Franco, who beautifully captures the cultural fusion.  The young people in his photos, with their vibrant adornments, symbolize bold individuality against an ancient landscape.

The new patterns in our Omo Valley Collection feature a series of dashes, stripes and dot combinations inspired by the effervescence of the Omo youth.  With the master bedroom suite as our imagined backdrop, we’ve introduced six new patterns in three bold colorways, along with two new pillow sizes: a large euro sham and long lumbar.  We have also added new solid throws and bold new rugs to complement each colorway.
We know that curating the perfect pieces for your home can be a long painstaking process.   We hope that with the bold new pieces of our Omo Valley Collection we can help you make the journey just a bit more satisfying.