For the Modern Heritage collection, we went back to our roots. Our original Modern Classics and Heritage collections were the first we launched in 2015. The patterns and palettes were a simple, understated exploration of contrast and texture, the pieces are still our most popular.
The contrast study continues in this updated line. Black and white pieces are paired with low contrast textural grays. The black and white pillows and bath items are bold and graphic, commanding attention wherever they are placed. The soft gray pillows and throw are inviting and subdued, merging seamlessly to their surrounds. New to our brand is our first ever coverlet, handwoven on oversized looms by our artisans. We are also introducing our first silk product, a radiant light gray throw.
All of the cotton is sourced from Ethiopia. The yarns are hand-spun, as they have been for generations. A portion of the silk is produced locally by our artisans and supplemented with imported fibers. All the yarns are then hand-dyed in small vats, and each piece cut, sewn and finished in Ethiopia. Our goal for our collections is to preserve and elevate the traditional artistry of Ethiopia. We hope you find the perfect pieces that elevates your home.
- Hana

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