Indigenous Blooms Collection

Our debut collection is inspired by springtime in Ethiopia, when the air is crisp, the weather is warm and pleasant and the country is speckled with the vivid yellows, reds and fuchsias of its indigenous blooms. Special among this bounty of flowers is the bright yellow Adey daisy. Making its only appearance of the year, it sprouts up almost overnight all across the country, turning the grassy plains into a sea of yellow and adding a splash of color to tufts of grass growing along the roadside. Taking a cue from this explosion of flowers, we’ve named each of the pillows in this collection after the flower that inspired its design.

We’ve used a wide array of yarns to capture the full breadth of color of Ethiopian spring. Our design motifs are also inspired by patterns found in both contemporary and traditional clothing, like the cottony habesha dresses, embroidered with colorful edge details at the hems, sleeves and sashes.

Springtime in Ethiopia is a time of new beginnings, when promise hangs thick in the air. It’s a time when Ethiopia opens her arms and introduces herself to travelers from all over the world. We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Bolé Road to you.

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