Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection begins in Wollo, a region in northeastern Ethiopia.  Previously home to the throne of King Mikael in the era of the princes, Wollo and its capital Dessie were important centers of rule in Ethiopia.  The area is known for its beautiful textiles, collectively known as the Wollo gabi.  A gabi is a four panel blanket, stitched together on one side.  The ones found in Wollo are exceptionally ornate, with vivid patterns and colors blended with metallic yarns.

The Wollo gabi is the muse of this collection, inspiring elements of gold details along with other trademark features including black and white patterning and colorful embroidery.  Hana travelled to the region to find the artisans of the Wollo gabi and to uncover the creative origin and history of the textile.  Our unique Wollo pillows are a result of a collaboration with the local artisans she met on her textile journey.  Find out more about her journey here.

We love reviving the beauty of traditional Ethiopian textiles in our collections, and we hope you love these pieces as well.