Admas Collection II

I am so in love with our Admas Collection that for our next offering I was keen on expanding what we had created.  The collection was inspired by the majestic mountainscapes of Ethiopia, the dramatic peaks and valleys and the deep sunrises and sunsets.    For Admas II – we’ve used those rich patterns and colorways in a new line of products.
The strong horizontal lines and rhythmic texture still dominate in this new offering.  We’ve added our very first tea towels to this collection, and a simple, modern assortment of throws and table linens.  We created a deep new colorway called Midnight – adding to Dawn, Dusk and Mist.
Admas means ‘horizon’ in Amharic.   For me it’s the place where the heavens, earth and memory all converge.  I'm thrilled to be expanding our horizon with these new additions to the collection.