Shipping Updates

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Here at Bolé Road, we’re busy making plans for this new year and beyond.  We are looking forward to working on new collections and collaborations!  We'll keep you posted the months to come.  

One update that I wanted to share is that starting next month, shipping costs will be added to orders.  This was a difficult decision to make.  The price of shipping has changed dramatically over the past few years, which has been difficult for us to budget.  

Next month, during checkout, you’ll be able to select shipping options and rates.  If you are ordering pillows and would like to save on the cost of shipping, you can consider excluding inserts.  Simply email us to remove them from your order.

We will definitely add shipping discounts as part of our future sales. For now, I’d like to offer a 10% discount sitewide with code SHIPME, which you can enjoy (with free shipping) until the end of the month.



Thank you for your continued support of our tiny business.



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