Elegant Ivory + Gold Interior

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floor lamp  |  sofa   |  rug   |  wood table  |  side table   


It's been a while since I put together a room inspiration, but I've been eager to style some of our new pillows from our Heritage Collection... So here is our latest design composition!

I wanted to build a elegant, chic space accented with our gold and ivory pillows.  I started with the neutral Kalmar sofa from ABC home, then layered a beautiful overdyed silk rug from ABC Home. From there I selected a few additional pieces from Anthropologie including a reclaimed sugar wood coffee table and patinated side table.  I thought the perfect pillows for this space would be our Negus, Nigist and Lulete pillows.  With their natural cotton background and gold stripes and striations, they create the perfect tie in pieces to bring the space together.  And to finish it off I added the Qerz Framed Textile to add a touch of glamour.

shop our pillows & art:   1   |   2   |   3  |   4   
floor lamp  |  sofa   |  rug   |  wood table  |  side table   


You can find all of the selections above.  I hope you enjoy and gives you a little inspiration for your home!


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