Giving Back

Part of our mission at Bolé Road is to foster positive change and support economic development in Ethiopia. We achieve this by working with artisan-led weaving collectives and small woman-owned businesses, as well as through contributing to non-profits that share our goal of encouraging self-sustaining development.

We are proud to partner with imagine1day, a wonderful organization whose goal is to bring quality education to every child and adult in Ethiopia by the year 2030. Portions of our profits are donated to imagine1day’s girl fund, an ambitious and much needed program dedicated to the education of girls in rural Ethiopia.

“As an Ethiopian-American I am fortunate to have been afforded so many opportunities growing up in the States. I’m proud that Bolé Road Textiles supports imagine1day’s girl fund, which is dedicated to educating girls in rural Ethiopia and providing opportunities for the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders. These girls are my sisters, my cousins, my friends, and only a few twists of fate separates my life from theirs.”

- Hana







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